Healing Coral

You’ve heard of saving the planet,
we want to heal with it.

We fund climate action, so you can PAY FOR RESULTS. Donate to support our movement, and help fund diverse educational & participative conservation actions, and get a TAX deduction certificate in the USA, Mexico, or Colombia. #becomethereef

About Us

We design a simple and approachable mechanism for the buying of NFT's developed by world-renowned artists.

We turn the traditional donation mechanism into an active involvement and sustained over time, where each member of the community makes a monetary investment that benefits the  planet, his or her pocket and all of humanity. 

As a platform we enable collaboration with key actors and stakeholders, including International Cooperation, governments, private sector and civil society.

To become part of the reef.
Healing our relationship with the oceans, through results based payments for participative regeneration of marine ecosystems.
Become a social movement which combines wellbeing, arts and technology for marine ecosystems to thrive.
With the use of NFTs we have involved artists from around the world to grow into a crowd investing community which closes the funding gap for conservation and takes care of sustainably managing public goods such as coral reefs.

We have evolved into a regenerative Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) to monitor and plan participative marine conservation with local communities and international experts.

We have become part of the reef.

Become part of the Reef

Invest in NFTs

We curate artworks that convey our healing process and inspire our movement. As an investor in our collectibles you participate actively in the regeneration of marine ecosystems through local communities in the Mesoamerican Reef ( México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua  Oeste y Costa Rica)  and Caribbean Sea.

Regenerative Partnerships

Our regenerative partnerships team can design a personalized strategy to align your core business; for sustainability, Regeneration.


We fund climate action, so you can PAY FOR RESULTS.Donate to support our movement, and help fund diverse educational & participative conservation actions, and get a TAX deduction certificate in the USA, Mexico, or Colombia. #becomethereef.



Our Nft´s unlike carbon or biodiversity credits, #NatureBackedCryptoAssets do not aim to offset the footprint of other industries, but to consolidate as a new kind of financial asset, one that is truly a benchmark for the regenerative economy. By investing in this Healing Coral's collections, you are acquiring art pieces of well known artists and supporting the successful regeneration, and educational projects. Our NFTs sale price include a 30% fee distributed among the Artist, the Project & HealingCoral. Thank you for investing
Is the first NFTs collection that ecompasses a diverse amount of projects that are already generating positive impact .
Farmers Market in San Andrés Island, Colombia.
Restoration and Marine Biodiversity Project in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Restore Coral Mural projects, spanning through 12 cities in Mexico, with 70 Murals and 30 participating artists.
6 years of Virtual Reality Workshops carried out with Mayan rural communities
5 pieces are open to auction.
You are acquiring: one of Juan Covelli's art pieces, a Colombian artist well known for winning the Lumen Prize/21 and supporting the successful regeneration project of coral nurseries at the Sea Flower Reef led by the Blue Indigo Foundation in San Andres Island, Colombia.5 Originals with 20 copies each, for a total of 100
Dib Hadra
As a visual artist, activist, and journalist, he have focused his artwork on creating pieces that metaphorically represent society´s constant quest for a voice against oppression.
Juan Covelli
Juan Covelli is a Colombian artist and independent curator currently living and working in Bogotá. His art piece is part of our short film launched at the United Nation sevent, Nature For Life Hub 2022 in November, New York.

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