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Regenerative Partnerships


To facilitate the transition of traditional donations to fund marine conservation towards participation via Regenerative NFTs …which also provide profit to investors, we have designed a user experience for people at Hotels and Restaurants across the Caribbean to learn and engage
To 2025 our goal is to have restored +1.000 KM2 of marine ecosystems through local partners, while generating +1M USD to investors.    
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Our regenerative partnerships team can design a personalized strategy to align your core business.

Contact: Lina@HealingCoral.Org  

How we imagine the campaign at Hotels & Restaurants:

Phase 1

• #OneReef: Activation in rooms, dining spaces, bathrooms. Table-talkers (ie. 3D Printed Corals) use a QR Code with a landing page that explains the dynamic. ”Round up your check and your cents become dollars that have a direct impact on conservation of marine ecosystems”. Landing page is updated monthly with updates and progress. Geo Spatial Information is available for monitoring impact of projects.

Phase 2

• Corporate NFT Collection: Healing Coral and Hotels & Restaurants partner to curate a collection of NFTs that back a specific selection of projects and set a long-term goal to present impact results from the collection. Collection is launched and show cased at the Hotels & Restaurants and are available to purchase by visitors at any time. Hotels & Restaurants are certified Carbon Neutral and Nature Positive.
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