Healing coral

our team

Lina Carvajal
Founding Partner
Diver, Artist y Concept Designer. Passionate for the Ocean and sustainability, with over 15 years of experience in the cinema industry, advertising and project management.

Lina is a serial entrepreneur and Social innovator bridging art, technology and wellbeing.

Juliana Uscátegui
Communication specialist with experience in communications direction, corporate communications public relations, cultural management and public relations for the better position of the companies.

Skilled in Storytelling, Advertising, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, corporate branding and project management. Solid media and communication professional interested in contributing to initiatives that promote the achievement of the SDGs.
Tatiana Barrero
Healing Advisor (Wellness)
Multidisciplinary artist and reiki healer. Passionate for building connections between people and energy. She is here to inspire your joy, health, wellness and abundance no matter the circumstances in your life.
Nicolas Borja
Digital Media & Partnerships
Multidisciplinary professional with 10 years experience in the digital media and marketing  industry, as a media and creative content strategist and manager.

He has been integrating communication and data and their impact on our behaviors and how we inhabit the earth since his time in Architecture School.
Lina Tono
Creative Director
An advertising copywriter, writer, wife and mom. She's spent 14 years working as a copywriter and from time to time she writes journalistic chronicles and opinion articles. Published in 2019 her first book called Underwear and has participated with stories in several compilations of short stories. She has worked in creative projects of social participation.
Div Hadra
Art Director
Visual artist, activist, journalist and musician. Focused his artwork on creating pieces that metaphorically represent society's constant quest for a voice against oppression.
Stella Muzin
Volunteer Internship
High school student focused on journalism, supporting communications and social networks for English speaking audiences. She is extremely excited to be working towards such an important goal like regeneration of marine ecosystems.
Catalina Santa
Legal Advisor
Entertainment lawyer and founder of The Artist's Attorney. Author of the book "Music Industry for Artists, Music Business for Everyone" (2020), she has extensive experience in the music industry.

Working with various players in the sector such as DNDA, Sony Music, Warner Chappell, SAYCO, the Ministry of Culture under the Public Entertainment Law, Llorona Records and Ma G Nation (J Balvin's label), and with artists such as Karol G, Sky Rompiendo, Aterciopelados, Nanpa Basico, LosPetitFellas and Piso 21, among others.

Mayeli Aguilar
PR in WEB 3
Hands-on, collaborative, and entrepreneurial with extensive experience implementing strategic marketing campaigns, attracting customers, and adding revenue. Recently experimenting and absorbing the universe of possibilities lying inside the Funding Mechanisms of the ReFi Space.

Great long-term client relationship, self-aware, approachable, and a progressive industry leader skilled at guiding, training, coaching, and mentoring. Builds strategic partnerships with stakeholders, clients, and vendors to collaborate cross-functionally and align business priorities.
Roberto Cerda
Advisor in Blue Economics and Politics
Specializes in the blue economy, implementing strategic liaison, social innovation, global emerging technologies as well as artistic and creative development through multimedia production, public relations or event coordinating. He is committed to nurturing the creative arts and looks to connect professionally and personally with people interested in pursuing cultural and bio-social ventures.
Juan Pablo Calderon
Tech4Nature & Founding Partner
Physicist & designer, he is one of those people who always do different. Change. Nobody knows what he does, and if they ask him, he will respond according to his mood, or interests at that time.He writes almost every day, reads every day. He is passionate about the fight for freedom.

Juan Pablo has 6 hives. He has planted more than 2000 trees. Likes to help and work with communities, to design, to think, to create things. He likes anarchy as a design tool, as a philosophy of life.
Camilo Santa
Advisor in Refi
Economist and Business Administrator with a masters degree in Global Competitiveness Leadership, Diplomacy
Founding partner at Banca Sostenible and former advisor to IDBs Natural Capital Lab y WBs Connect4Climate Multi Donor Trust Fund.

Camilo has been recognized at Finance for Nature. Global Summit in Edinburgh  (2019)  and by the New York Forest Declaration at the UN General Assembly (2018)  For Regenerative Economy.