Healing coral


Farmers Market San Andrés Island

The Raizal community of the Tom Hooker neighborhood on San Andres Island, Colombia, the Local Organization "Smith Channel Association for the Development of the Raizal People", Healing Coral Foundation, and La Banca de Inversión Sostenible have set themselves the goal of recovering history, culture and the Raizal community; creating the MAR Wisdom Center, an itinerant knowledge center, in which all members of the community mainly: children, teenegers, women, and tourists  will be able to receive training by participating in  workshops and virtual reality experiences, focused on explaining the importance of regeneration and caring for marine ecosystems, among other subjects also involving Creole music and dance traditions in our workshops.

The FARMERS AND FOOD MARKET initiative,  which over the years has become the space where the community shares its gastronomic knowledge with the habitants and tourists of the island, while generating and strengthening income for their food security, will be part of the activities of the center.

Regenerative Partnerships Samsung + Restore coral

Samsung Electronics Mexico, in alliance with Restore the Coral and various organizations, offered a unique virtual reality experience to residents of rural Mayan communities, with the purpose of publicizing the current problems that coral reefs are experiencing in the area, and inviting them to be part of the program that has the objective of reestablishing 260 thousand coral colonies, that is, an approximate total of 6 million 240 thousand specimens in 5 years.

Through Samsung Gear VR virtual reality viewers, the inhabitants of the Mexican southeast had the opportunity to discover the depths of the Caribbean Sea, discovering the majesty of the Mesoamerican Reef, as well as the different factors that threaten its conservation and its ecosystem.